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Protect Yourself and Your Devices 

When you registered your computer/laptop/pad/tablet/phone in BlueZone to connect to the USU network, you gained access to the abundance of information and services on the internet.  You have also exposed your computer to the mischief and hazards that abound on the internet.  You are your own first line of defense against those ills. You should follow the 8 Steps to Protect Your Computer provided by the IT ServiceDesk and learn here how to be an Internet Skeptic. When your defensive efforts fail, the IT Security Team may be your second line of defense.

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Internet Skeptic Blog

Stay informed on how to keep your computer, devices, and cyber identity secure.

Don't be a Money Mule!

Don't be a Money Mule!

"Work-at-home" and "Mystery Shopper" spam messages can be looking for Money Mules to transfer money for on-line criminals.

Top Ten Scams from the FTC

Top Ten Scams from the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission just posted the Top Ten email and phone scams. They include "Fake IRS, Prize Patrol, Computer Support, Malware alert, Fake FBI, Ransomware, unexpected Government Grant, Medicare account problem, Deportation threat, spoofed Caller ID."

Computer Security Threats

Watch Out for .ZIPs!

Watch Out for .ZIPs!

Unexpected email about "notice to appear", "driving on toll road", "photo radar violation" and all sorts of Order/Payment/Billing/Delivery/Invoice problems may contain a ZIP file with malicious code in executable or javascript content.