Computer Security Threats

Posted by: Bob Bayn on Dec 1, 2014

Holiday Scams and Mischief Abound

'Tis The Season For All Sorts Of Internet Mischief

Internet miscreants take advantage of any seasonal and news-event opportunity to craft their mischief to seem more credible.  Now it is holiday scam time, soon it will be New Year sales and then Income Tax scams.

We have already seen:

  • fake Walmart Order scams
  • fake Verizon notices of failed login attempts
  • "Protect your email account from phishing" scams  (really!)
  • fake Paypal upgrade notices
  • fake "Donate A Car" charities
  • fake Firefighter or Police or Veterans charities

To protect yourself, you need to "Know Where You Are Going Before You Click" by using the Skeptical Hover Technique.

You can also submit links to where the link will be opened in a sandbox and all detected mischief reported back to you, with a screenshot of the site.

Those unexpected attachments can be downloaded without opening and then uploaded to for analysis by several dozen different commercial Anti-Virus Engines.

A reliable source to learn about charities is the Charity Navigator.

Don't be fooled by a holiday-themed message into giving up personal identifying, banking, or login information or allowing a mischievous program or script to run on your computer.

Thanks for being an Internet Skeptic!