Disabled Network Access?

Has Your Computer Been Disabled On The USU Network?

The email notice you receive from security@usu.edu about your disabled access will direct you to the IT Security disabled devices website where you can find a brief description of your problem, a recommended solution, and a possible fee payment to regain your network access.

Reasons for Disabling Your Computer:

Your computer registration in IPAM or Bluezone to access the USU Network might be disabled by the IT Security Team for one of three reasons:

• A vulnerability was detected by the Security Team's weekly network scan and you did not respond to a notification that came from security@usu.edu.

• Patterns or signatures typical of a computer that has been compromised or hacked were detected in network traffic from your computer.

• A copyright infringement complaint has been received from the entertainment industry with evidence of file sharing from your computer.

Protect Your Computer

Avoid the $50 fee and protect your computer by:

• regularly (at least weekly) patching and updating your computer operating system (MS Windows or Apple OSX) and your software, including Office, Acrobat, Flash and Java.

• regularly updating your anti-virus software

• setting complex, strong, and unique passwords

• disabling unused file-sharing and

• avoiding P2P programs to get entertainment files.