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Posted by: Bob Bayn on Nov 4, 2015

The Address Bar is your Friend

Do you know how to interpret the address that is displayed in the Address Bar of your web browser? 

As you follow links from page to page, it is worth a glance at the address bar to be sure you haven't been spirited off to the bad side of the web.

We have described before that the real hostname always appears immediately before the FIRST single slash.   You are familiar with hostnames like or or   The last part of a hostname is the "top level domain".  There are MANY "TLDs" including "country codes".

You may see that a link has sent you to a familiar looking page, like or or but a glance at the Address bar may reveal that you've been sent to a fake copy of the page for purposes of fooling you.  Often the fake page is on a hacked web server in any part of the world so you may see country codes at the end of the hostname instead of the more typical ".edu" or ".com".