Appropriate Use Policy

The USU Policies Manual contains Policy 550, Appropriate Use of Computing, Networking and Information Resources.

You may be more interested in the Appropriate Use Procedures and Standards which interpret Policy 550 with examples of required, recommended and prohibited examples for each point in the policy statement.

Why do we have an Appropriate Use Policy?  To guide and protect our users (students, staff and faculty) from inappropriate activities that will expose users or the University to avoidable risks.  Those risks may include compromise of the service, loss of confidential data, loss of access to IT resources for legitimate use, and legal liability.

We want to facilitate and protect uses of Information Technology resources and services that are consistent with the Mission of the University for learning, discovery and engagement.

USU Policy #551, Computer Management Policy,  specifically addresses our standards for the secure management of computers connected to the USU network, whether the computers are owned by the University or by individuals.  Poorly managed and unsecured computers are a risk to the user of the computer as well as to the University network, and to central services that can be accessed on that network.  If you manage your own computer, you should review the Computer Management Procedures to be sure that your computer is safe for you and for the network.