Report a Security Incident

Spam and Scam Messages

Aggiemail users should use the "report Spam" tab near the top of the screen to report any message that you think should have been blocked by the spam filter.  USU Exchange users (primarily employees) should report any spam messages that should have been blocked by USU's spam filter by forwarding the original spam message as an attachment to  That spam address feeds an automated process that expects the original spam message to be in an attachment where hidden delivery information is available for evaluation.

Phishing & Hazardous Email

Report any phishing for email or bank account passwords or email with hazardous attachments or links just as you would any spam message (above) and to for manual evaluation of the hazard and possible warnings to other USU recipients of the hazard.  We may also be able report or block access to links in the hazardous message.

Scanning, Probing or Spam originating from ( or

Report any outbound internet misbehavior originating at ( or to

Online Copyright Infringement

Report any allegations of online copyright infringement originating at ( or in DMCA-compliant format to

Violations to Appropriate Use Agreement

If you witness a violation of USU's Appropriate Use Agreement, notify staff on duty or the USU campus police (797-1939).

Other Network Security Concerns

For any other network security concerns, please contact the IT Security Team at or 797-1804.

Other Physical Security Concerns

For any physical security concerns including threats or danger to persons or facilities, please contact the Campus Police at 797-1939 or 911 if appropriate.