Qualtrics is a survey software suite powerful enough to handle academic and professional survey research, yet simple enough for anyone to quickly become proficient in.

Qualtrics is available for all USU faculty, staff, and students to use at no cost to them. 

Login at usu.qualtrics.com

View recording of the Qualtrics on-site training, held February 19th.


With a license, users have access to the Qualtrics Research Suite, which provides a variety of features for simple, powerful research.

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Quality Survey Design

Qualtrics offers the easiest user interface of all survey solutions. The entire system is based off of a point-and-click edit system that rivals the simplicity of drawing on a white board. There are over 85 question variations, timing of response latency (down to the millisecond), randomization on three levels, email triggers, multimedia capability and much more.

Within Qualtrics, users can create simple questions or advanced branching and skipping with just a few mouse clicks. This saves users time and allows them to focus on their research.

Advanced Distribution

Qualtrics offers several modes of delivery to get surveys to an audience. It also offers the ability to track panels so that researchers can record who answered the surveys, when and how often. Users can also schedule reminder and thank you emails that are only sent to those who have, or have not, taken the survey.

Impressive Reporting & Analysis

Qualtrics Research Suite lets users analyze data as it is collected and pre create reports with 24 graphs, charts and tables that will populate in real time. Qualtrics provides a one-step direct download in SPSS. Users can also download their raw data into CSV, XML or HTML. All reports can be exported to PowerPoint, Word or PDF.

Full Collaboration between Colleagues & Students

Qualtrics allows users to collaborate across accounts on projects. This means professors can share limited or complete access to individual studies, without giving away full access to their accounts. This is useful for working with graduate assistants or other professors, and for sharing preliminary findings among colleagues. It will also open the door to allow USU to collaborate with other universities around the world.


What's available?

  • Unlimited user accounts for faculty, staff, and students
  • Unlimited usage for all users
  • Phone and email support
  • Unlimited web training sessions
  • One branded skin/template for survey background
  • Branded login portal page or integration via SSO

Who uses Qualtrics?

  • 1/4 of fortune 100 companies
  • All top 30 business schools
  • 20% of America's favorite companies
  • Over 100,000 users worldwide


Qualtrics is easy to use and easy to login. Just follow these three simple steps:

1. Go to usu.qualtrics.com and login with your A-Number and password.

2. You will be prompted to select a choice. The first time you login select "I don't have a Qualtrics account." Note: You will receive this prompt during subsequent logins.

3. You will be directed to your account after filling out your account information: username (A-Number), email, first and last name, and student status.


Qualtrics University

Qualtrics University is a free online resource that provides tutorials for beginners, including:

  • Student access to the "Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps" program
  • Downloadable textbooks on Qualtrics and Marketing Research
  • Quizzes to measure understanding of the Qualtrics Survey Research Suite
  • Training videos and step-by-step instructions
  • Email support
  • University Portal site with contact information to professional training and support services

Schedule Training

For additional information or to request training for your organization please contact:

Steve Funk (Steve.Funk@usu.edu) - 797-8181


Schedule Training through Qualtrics at:  training@qualtrics.com

Pre-Recorded On-site Training

Video of the Qualtrics training conducted Feb 19, 2013


Support for the Qualtrics Suite is provided directly through Qualtrics.  Please contact Qualtrics Support using the following contact methods.


Where do I get an account?

You can sign up for an account by signing in with your A-Number and password through the USU Qualtrics site.

What about support and training?

Please visit the Qualtrics University site fore more information on support and training.

Do I need to pay anything?

No. The Office of Research and Graduate Studies has purchased the Qualtrics license for Utah State University.

What are my account limitations?

Accounts are unlimited by default. If you find that you do not have the needed permissions, please contact Steve Funk at steve.funk@usu.edu.

How is Qualtrics different from other survey software?

Unlike other survey software, Qualtrics provides the following:

Tools to engage respondents:

  • Point-and-click interface
  • More than 86 question types with multimedia uploads
  • Branded and professional images
  • JavaScript and Flash compatible code
  • Library of surveys and questions
  • Custom pop-up windows and polls

Ability to handle advanced survey design with ease:

  • Flexible user interface
  • Question branching and logic
  • Pipe text and embed data
  • Triggers, quotas, and quizzing
  • Randomization and value coding
  • Timing of response times down to the millisecond

Resources to deliver the highest response rate:

  • Interactive question types
  • Ability to upload a panel of respondents to continually monitor
  • Powerful survey mailer to track, remind, and thank respondents
  • Option to present surveys to deliver on specific days, times, or quotas

Flexible reporting & analytics

  • Direct export options to SPSS, PDF, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Instant public reports
  • Cross-tabulations & drill-down
  • Customizable reports, notes, and sharing capability

Ensure responsive, unlimited customer support:

  • Award-winning free support
  • Unlimited live web trainings
  • In-house support for all users
  • No automated phone menus
  • Access to research articles and tips

College-wide solution:

  • University-owned solution
  • Control of user permissions
  • Ability to collaborate and share among users
  • Simple integration across departments