Graphic Design

Our professional graphic designers of the Programming & Design Team (PAD) create personalized solutions for University departments and organizations. We help our clients get noticed through brand identity, print advertising, custom websites, user interface design and more. We want to develop a strategy with you on your next project.


Website Design

Website, web content organization, web graphics & images...

Your web presence says a lot about you. The design, navigation, content text and images all play a big part in how your audience feels about your organization. Your website has less than three seconds to make an impression for good or for worse. Let our designers create a professional website that meets both your needs and the needs of your website users.

Print Advertising

Flyers, mailers, invitations, ads, posters, CD/DVD covers, t-shirt design, promotional items...

In the face of the digital age, there is much power in print when properly executed. Print advertising works well because it allows you to appeal to a specific audience. Our designers understand that combining an attractive design, with a clear message, and a winning concept is still the most effective way to get the results you want.

Brand Identity

Logos, business cards, letterheads, visual identity packages...

A brand is much more than a logo; it’s a voice, a message, a perception. Our designers will work with you to create an identity that your target audience can relate to. We understand that brands are most successful when incorporated across all media. Let us develop a brand strategy that works for you.

Digital Advertising

Email blasts, website banner ads...

Need to get the word out on the web? Email blasts or newsletters and website banner ads are a great way to do so. Our designers can create an e-newsletter template that makes it easy for you to quickly add content and send to the masses. They can also make website banners to advertise your next event or give information out at the click of a cursor.


Brochures, newsletters, annual reports, grant proposals, editorials, books...

Your literature should not only inform, it should inspire, engage and ultimately sell your message to your audience. Our designers can help you create a stand out concept to get you noticed.

Exhibition Displays

Large posters & banners, signage...

Need large prints to display at exhibitions? Our designers can create stand-out displays on a large scale to get you looking sharp and draw people to your booth or direct them with signage. 

User Interface Design

Web applications, mobile app design, touch screen interfaces, custom forms...

With so much interface interaction out there, design plays a critical role in aiding the user to help them do what they need to do most efficiently. Designing a successful and simple-to-navigate interface takes a lot of expertise and focusing on the user experience is of the utmost importance. Use our graphic designers to help you with your user interface design needs.


Presentations, tables, charts, diagrams, illustrations, PowerPoint/Keynote templates...

Professionally-designed infographics can make any presentation more engaging and visually explain your concepts to your audience. Let our graphic designers help you with your next presentation needs.


The rates below are estimates for standard projects. Most requested projects fall within these estimates. We reserve the right to alter these rates to accommodate larger or more complex projects than standard design work. Contact us about the details of your project to ensure that you receive an accurate pricing quote and project time line.


Standard Services

Include initial design consultation and two critique meetings to make revisions. These prices are base prices for typical projects. Final price may be different if your project is more complex or on a larger scale than a typical project. 


4”x6” | 5”x7” | 6”x9”| custom size
7.25”x2” | 9”x2” | custom size
11"x17" | custom size up to 24"x48"
8.5"x11" | custom size, up to 11"x17"
Statesman Ad
5"x5.75" | custom size
Table Tent or Door Hanger
4.25"x4.5" | 8.5"x3.5" | custom size



Premium Services

Include initial design consultation, two drafts created by two designers to choose from, and two critique meetings to make revisions. These prices are base prices for typical projects. Final price may be different if your project is more complex or on a larger scale than a typical project.


Single-sheet Brochure
8.5"x11” | 9”x12” | 11”x17”| custom size
Multi-sheet Booklet
8.5"x11" | 9”x12” | 11"x17" | custom size
*Base price. Final price based on # of sheets.
Recruitment Display
Custom size
24"x48" and larger
Custom logo design
Stationery Package
Business card, letterhead, envelope design
Identity Package
Logo design & stationery package


Any additional critiques or revisions other than what is included in the above model will be subject to a $57.78/hour charge.




Callee Pope

Maren Fuller




The designers of the PAD Team are located in the Science Engineering Research Building (SER) in room 102. The SER Building is the first building directly east of the Merrill-Cazier Library. view map
Please call or email to schedule an appointment or a free consultation.