Hosting of physical and virtual servers in available, along with application hosting and systems administration for your systems. 


Physical Hosting

Physical Hosting

The University Data Center offers scalable redundant power and cooling, round-the-clock automated monitoring and notification, physical and network based security, and 24/7 physical and virtual access to authorized personnel 365 days a year.

Hosting servers in the data center is available to all University departments, and research affiliated units. 

Systems Administration provided by professional IT staff is available if you do not have your own technical personnel.  

Virtual Hosting

Virtual Hosting

Having a virtual server means you are up and running within a couple of days, versus the weeks it would take with ordering physical hardware.  You can start small and expand capacity as your needs grow. Our system consultants can work with you to specify a server to meet your current needs and they will have you up and going shortly.

This option is perfect for researchers, departments, and others who have the need to host applications.

Request a virtual server online:

Application Hosting

Application Hosting

IT can provide application hosting on servers in the University data center for a variety of departmental and research needs.  The cost for this service depends on the nature of the application and the work that must be done on a routine basis.  Please contact the Systems Administration Team for more information and to review your needs. 


Virtual Hosting
Annual Charge
Virtually host one server. 
Includes 12GB of storage space and 768MB of Ram.

Physical Hosting
Annual Charge
$11.09 per U
UPS (power)
.6 x $310.50/kW/1000
.6 x $267.28/kW/1000
KVM (port and cable) $73.00
Network (port and cable)
Shelf for tower servers
$75.00 (one time charge)