Open Access Computer Facilities

General Information Items

Lab Map (Logan Campus) - A map of the main Logan campus, with indicators for where each of the 12 Open Access Computer Labs and the Service Desk are located.

Computer Lab Policies - The official policy statement for the Open Access Computing Facilities.

Kiosk Home Page - The main page for the kiosk stations at Utah State University.

Kiosk Map - A map of the main Logan campus with indicators for where each of the 26 kiosk stations are located. 

History - A brief overview of the history of the Information Technology Computer Labs.

Campus Print  - Information about the USU Campus Print system.

Copyright@USU- A resource regarding copyright basics at Utah State University. 

50 GB for students of personal cloud storage for life.

Just authorize your storage accounts, and they’ll show up just like a hard drive on any lab computer station.