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Institutional Email Service

Number 557

Subject: Institutional Email Service

Effective Date: September 24, 2008

Revision Date: July 31, 2013


The intentions of this policy are:
(1) to collect all official and business communications of the university in one email system of record (using addresses) for security, auditability, records management, document preservation, archiving and destruction, and other purposes as appropriate; and

(2) to restore to the University at the termination of employment, control of the email addresses and email accounts that had previously been assigned to employees.  This provision only applies to email accounts with addresses ending with


One enterprise email system (, managed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT), will be used for all institutional email business. All institutional email communications must be sent to or from addresses. Messages that constitute a record of the official business of the institution must be preserved on the enterprise email system with the same care and for the same duration, in compliance with regulations and policies that apply to similar hard copy communications.

Email messages must not contain private sensitive information (such as Social Security Numbers or academic, employment or medical records; see the Information Security Policy #558). An acceptable alternative is to direct the authorized recipient to a secure source for that private information. Other confidential information must be encrypted in transit and in storage as a precaution against exposure.

An email address will be provided to all employees during their term of employment to be used in support of their job function.  Additional use of the email service for personal purposes, consistent with the Appropriate Use Policy (#550), is permitted during the term of employment.

At the conclusion of a term of employment, the employee's email address and email storage may be made accessible to departmental personnel for business continuity purposes, upon request to Human Resources (HR).

The email address, previously assigned to the employee, will be retained by the university and deleted or reassigned at USU's sole discretion.  Business related information contained in the email storage will be retained or deleted at USU's sole discretion.  Personal messages will be subject to deletion after providing the employee no more than a 90 calendar day interval to retrieve or delete that information.

Enterprise email accounts  ( may be provided to personnel who have a "No-Pay EPAF".

Formally approved faculty emeriti may request an email alias of the form  The alias will be directed to deliver messages to the individual's personal non-enterprise email account.

Full service email accounts (provided by Google) are available for the personal use of anyone with a USU A-Number, including students, alumni, employees, former employees, retirees, and emeriti.  Remember that aggiemail accounts should not be used for university business by current employees because those accounts do not meet the University's needs for security, auditability, records management, document preservation, archiving and destruction of business data.

OIT and HR are responsible to develop and maintain procedures consistent with this policy and with currently deployed email functionality to meet the communication needs of the institution.

Utah State University Information Technology