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Welcome to Network Security at USU

"Making your computer do what you want it to do is only half the job; it is equally important to insure that your computer does not do what hackers want it to do."

Desktop/Laptop/Mobile Security tasks (passwords, patching and updating systems and software, virus and malware detection,  personal firewall configuration and personal identifying information audits) are the responsibility of the end user or their technical support person, with the assistance of the IT Service Desk.  The role of the Network Security Team consists of monitoring and analyzing network traffic to detect intrusions and compromises, and probing systems on the network for vulnerabilities due to system management lapses.

Weekly Vulnerability Scans - we scan all active IP addresses in * space weekly using Nessus  , publish the result,  announce the serious vulnerabilities on the local network-managers email list and contact the owner/user of record about each vulnerability.  After a few days, if we have not been advised of corrective action to resolve the vulnerability, we disable the network access for the vulnerable device.  Our border traffic visualization tool shows us that the hackers are scanning our address space for vulnerabilities, too.  If we don't get vulnerabilities corrected or offline, the hackers will do what they want with them.

Border Traffic Visualization Tools - stop by the Security Bunker in SER 301 and see the blinky lights showing traffic and attacks.

Peer to Peer file sharing isn't really a Security issue, except when malware is hidden in popular files.


  • external scanning, probes and similar internet misbehavior originating at ( to
  • any spam message that should have been blocked by our spam filter. Forward the original spam message AS AN ATTACHMENT to
  • any phish message (bogus requests for passwords and other identity information) to
  • allegations of online copyright infringement to
  • other network security concerns to


Contact the Security Team at or 797-1804

Utah State University Information Technology