OU Campus CMS FAQ's

USU has purchased a Content Management System (CMS) called OU Campus that will replace the current functionality of ezPlug. Below are answers to some of the questions that you may have. Also visit our update page to see the latest updates in the development process.

What is OU Campus?

OU Campus is the leading web content management system for higher education institutions. Today, OU Campus is used to manage more than 700 different college and university websites. OU Campus is a CMS created by OmniUpdate that will replace the functionality of ezPlug. Learn more by visiting their website.

How was OU Campus chosen?

USU followed the RFP process and invited all vendors to present their products. From this, three finalists were chosen and invited to demo their CMS to all of campus. The IT department evaluated each product on how well it would meet the technical needs of USU. Webmasters and CMS users were invited to vote and give feedback on their preferences. OU Campus met the technical needs and was chosen by campus.

What is happening to ezPlug?

While no new features are being developed, ezPlug will continue to be supported and maintained by IT until every single site has been migrated from ezPlug to OU Campus. This migration process will begin Fall 2014 and will proceed site by site for the next year plus.

Why will the migration take so long?

ezPlug and OU Campus are two different tools with different philosophies to solve the same problem. Each existing template will need to be converted to the philosophy and language of OU Campus one by one. ezPlug currently has over 140 templates. After a template has been converted to OU Campus the content of each site on the template will need to be migrated site by site. There are over 500 sites in ezPlug some of which have 100's of pages of content. 

When can I start using OU Campus?

OmniUpdate started their implementation process in May 2014 and finished the server implementation/configuration in September 2014. Once implemented, PR and marketing and USU IT Department are working in conjunction to create three responsive templates that will be offered to all of campus free of charge. These are scheduled to be completed November 2014. Because the templates are already made, choosing one can make the transition of your site faster. IT will also migrate your site over for free as long as the template and content don't change at all. We can also design a new template for your organization. See our pricing page for more information.

Take a look at the free templates.

Will I be trained on OU Campus?

Yes, training will be available. Initially we will train in groups, when a template is ready to launch all those who are on the template will be invited. After the initial training, additional training sessions will be available based off of need and requests. IT will also continue to offer support to campus for OU Campus as they have in the past with ezPlug.

What if I don't want my existing template anymore? What are my options?

No worries you have options! The following three options are available to all ezPlug users:

  1. Use the free USU templates. Three responsive templates are being developed in conjunction with PR & Marketing and will be provided free of charge to all of USU. You will only need to notify IT of your choice and we will set them up and give you access. This option will allow you to bring your own content over how you would like.  Content migration is available with this option, but standard fees apply. Take a look at the generic templates.
  2. Create a new custom design and template to best meet your organizations needs. The cost of this will be the same as it has been in the past. See our pricing page for more information.
  3. Migrate existing template and content. This option requires that no changes are made to your content or template. With this option IT will cover the cost of migrating your template. 

*Training will be available with all options

How much will OU Campus cost?

OU Campus will cost the same as ezPlug. Every effort has been made to not pass any price increases on to campus. Template development and hosting and support fees will all stay the same as they have been in the past. See our pricing page for more information.

Do I have to move off of ezPlug?

Immediately, no. If you prefer we can move your site to the end of the migration. Eventually though all sites will be moved off of ezPlug onto OU Campus. ezPlug will still be maintained for at least the next year.

*If you have additional questions please email them to pad@usu.edu. An incident will be created in service now and we will respond to your question as soon as possible.