Summer Citizens

Data Download Deadline
Any data not downloaded will be irrecoverable after May 30, 2022.

Personal Data

You may download your Aggiemail data in part or in full, including email, documents, calendar, contacts, and photos. The easiest option is often to download Aggiemail data to your computer hard drive or a USB attached device.  You will need to verify that you have enough storage on your hard drive or device.  If desired, you can then subscribe to another personal cloud service and upload.

There are many third-party cloud services available for personal data storage. USU does not provide support for personal cloud services, these links are provided for your convenience.

Google (Free - 15GB) 

Box (Free - 10 GB)

OneDrive (Free – 5GB)

Dropbox (Free – 2GB)

Amazon Photos (Free with Amazon Prime)

Option for Photo storage which would require downloading photos first, then uploading to Amazon photos. 

Other Things to Consider

If you use Aggiemail for syncing settings in your Chrome browser save the settings from Aggiemail to a different Google account.