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Banner Admin / Application Navigator *

VPN required for remote access
Application Navigator
is used by departmental staff to access Banner and perform administrative functions.

Banner SSB

Banner SSB is used by students, faculty and staff to manage their personal information.

ServiceNow Travel

Visit the Travel application to create, search, or view  TA's, TR's, and cash advances. provides a consolidated interface for administrative approvals.


EZ-Buy is used for University purchasing/procurement processes.

Application Xtender (BDM) *

VPN required for remote access
 or Banner Document Management (BDM) is used to store electronic documents associated with Utah State University.

Evisions *

VPN required for remote access
The Evisions product suite includes: Argos (Enterprise Reporting), Form Fusion, and Intellicheck.

Argos Reporting

Communications Management

Communications Management is used to create, send, and manage communications across the institution.

Banner Access Management

VPN required for remote access

Space Dynamics Laboratory

Banner Admin / Application Navigator

Application Navigator is used by staff at USU's Space Dynamics Lab to access Banner and perform administrative functions.

SSOManager Credential Utility

SSOManager Credential Utility

Banner SSB

SSB is used by staff at USU's Space Dynamics Lab to manage their personal information.

Banner Access Management

NOTICE: Maintenance is scheduled every Saturday morning from 5:00 AM until 10:00 AM. The outage may include Banner Admin, Banner Self Service apps, e~Print and Applications Manager. If Banner is not working outside of this maintenance window, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Off campus access requires the use of the USU VPN.

For information about setting up the USU VPN on your device see SN KB: Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services. For information on setting up the USU Staff VPN on your deviec see SN KB: Faculty/Staff VPN with DUO Multi-Factor Authentication

Data.banner remote access

Data.banner has been setup for remote access through the Staff VPN. Existing client keys will work on the Staff VPN. If you are connecting from a new device, create a new key and public access request. A key should only be used on one device. For more information on connecting remotely to data.banner see SN KB: Data.banner remote access