File/Document Storage Options

Secure Storage for University Files/Documents

University files/documents are composed of diverse data types, and each type may have multiple storage options that you can utilize depending on business requirements. The storage option you choose will depend on the type of data and the level of security required for that type of data. University files/documents should not be stored on an individual email, cloud account or device.

University File/Document Types with Storage Options

A graphic showing different file sharing services and purposes

University File/Document Types

University files/documents only accessed by the owner:
  • Used on a regular basis
  • No need for collaboration
  • Office files/documents
  • Pictures, videos, and audio files


University files/documents shared for collaboration:
  • Owned and managed by an individual
  • Requires editing, review, and sharing with others
  • Office files/documents
  • Pictures, video, and audio files


University files/documents classified as restricted or confidential:
  • Owned and managed by department or individual
  • Could be PII (Personal Identifiable Information), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), PCI (Payment Card Industry) or other University sensitive data
  • Requires special handling and security
  • Any type of file/document
  • Could be long term or short term use



University files/documents shared within a department:
  • Owned and managed by the department
  • Requires sharing and access by other department members
  • Office documents
  • Pictures, video, and audio files
  • Recommended for long term storage of University files/documents


University files/documents not used on a regular basis:
  • Used by individual or department
  • Could require ability to share
  • Any type of file/document
  • Used for historical purposes or limited access
  • Longer term storage


System Backup
University files/documents saved to provide restoration of a critical system:
  • System files for computers that must be available
  • Provides recovery point for restoration in emergency
  • Files are large
  • Not allowed in Box or OneDrive


University File/Document Storage Options

Cloud Storage Options

Online or cloud storage options are services provided that house your information on the internet. These are often easily accessed from any computer with an internet connection and the proper credentials.

On-Premise Options

On-premise options are physically housed and implemented at a USU location. These range from file shares hosted by central IT to custom solutions developed with your Desktop Support personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I reach my quota?

What if I work with extremely large volumes of data?

Work with your Desktop Support for options to meet your needs.

Where should I store Research Data?

All of the listed University Data Storage options may be utilized for research data; subject to compliance, storage quotas and suitability limitations. For research needs that are not satisfied by these self-service storage options, please work with the Research Data Management Services Department in the USU Libraries for assistance and your desktop support team for expert customized advice. The USU Office of Research also provides services that may be of assistance to researchers including High Performance Computing services.