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Our Mission

The USU IT Technology Labs are committed to assisting Utah State University students in pursuit of their academic goals by providing state-of-the-art computer services and software; qualified consultants who are trained to answer software, general, or university questions, while maintaining a professional and academic-friendly atmosphere in each computer facility; and employment opportunities with real-world application and hands-on experience of Information Technology. By putting academics first, USU IT Computer Labs knows it will assist Utah State University in becoming one of the nation’s premier land- and space-grant universities.

The USU Information Technology Labs are committed to your education, innovation, research, and discovery through excellence, and an inclusive environment in support of the University’s mission, vision, and strategic direction.

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Our History

Student Lab Services (SLS) was started during the 1986-87 school year and was known as MicroComputer Services.  Over time, the organization grew with the addition of new computer labs as well as machines and more consultants.

The labs were first managed by Val Wilding. Then in 1988, Gary Egbert became the manager.  The labs continued to grow and in 1993 Stephen Funk was hired to help manage the labs.  When Stephen took on the challenge of managing the Help Desk (now the Service Desk) in 1996, Ted Hadley was hired to help manage the labs.  He worked for SLS until the end of 1997.

Kurt Olsen replaced Ted from March of 1998 until October 2000.  In April of 2001, Brent Davis became Gary's fourth Systems Administrator replacing Kurt who had taken a job as a UNIX admin.  In July of 2003, Jason Murri signed on when another position was created to help manage the increasing services of SLS. Patrick Hunter, formerly of the HASS department, was hired in August of 2005 to replace Brent who moved from SLS to a position at Innovation Campus.  Patrick left in 2008 to take a position in the Salt Lake City area.

SLS is now known as Information Technology Computer Labs.  Choose from any of the years listed below to find out more about that time period.