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Analytics Resources

Why are Web Analytics important?

The term "analytics" refers to the measurement, collection, and analysis of data. This includes many different tools used for website optimization, covering all visitor activity and creating reports from those interactions. All of this data is incredibly important for understanding your audience and building relevant content. Most questions regarding website success or failure can be answered by using analytics.

Learn more about how Google Analytics works!

How do I get access to my data?

The IT Web team is currently working on the best approach for connecting USU website content managers to their data. Depending on how involved you'd like to be in your website analytics, reports can vary quite drastically.

For a basic report, email our team the name of your website and request a copy of your data. This only takes a moment to setup and provides you with some basic numbers in visual form to get you started. If you have specific questions you'd like your data to answer, please include those in the email and we'll configure a report based on what you need.  Please note that understanding your needs may require one-on-one meetings with a member from IT Web.

Email to see what approach works best for your department and position.

Things to know before requesting access:

  • Why you want an analytics report for your website?
  • What your website/department goals are?
  • How much time you have to dedicate to data analysis?

Key Performance Indicators: How to determine?

KPIs will vary a LOT between departments, so this may be hard to answer. Brainstorm with colleagues to define your department's goals and how your website serves those goals. How do you know if you're successful? Those questions will determine your KPIs. Utilize search engines to find helpful articles on choosing the right metrics for measuring your success, and reach out to the IT Web team if you're struggling to form the right questions.

What can I do with my data?

Use it! Figure out if you're reaching your desired audience, and write content FOR them. Keep popular pages updated with relevant content and latest news. If important pages have no visitors, figure out why! Share data with your colleagues to support great actions or content, and use it as confirmation for deleting irrelevant content. Keep stakeholders involved with what visitors are doing on your site, and base any new actions off of what is really best for your department website's visitors.

If you're interested in getting more involved with your data, contact the IT Web team for help getting started.