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Google Calendar

To highlight your department, college or program events, a styled Google calendar can be added to your OU Campus website. Once you have created your Google calendar, you get your Calendar ID, choose a distinct display name, and share it with the IT Web Team who will set it up on your desired page.

If you have more than one Google calendar (i.e. Department events, club events, etc.) you want to display on your page, you have that option. You simply share the additonal Calendar ID(s) and distinct display name(s) with the IT Web Team.

You have a variety of display options, including month, list month, list week, and list day. You can include one or all four options on your calendar page. For multiple calendars you can look for calendar tags (not event tags) or specific calendars by name.

If you are interested in implementing a Google calendar you can see a demonstration and review the documentation.


Google calendar month display

Month Listing

Google calendar month listing display

Week Listing

Google calendar week listing display

Day Listing

Google calendar day listing display