2017 USU Web Conference Recap & Resources

Held at the Eccles Conference Center, May 25th, 8:45 am - 4:00 pm

The conference was geared toward anyone who manages a website, whether new to it or well-versed with the publishing process. Presenters came from inside and outside USU and are actively engaged in working with the web.

Breakout Sessions & Tracks

The breakout sessions offered a focused look at different techniques in two tracks: Click & Go Content and Advanced Tricks & Best Practices. The Click & Go Content track was designed for people who are new to maintaining a website, or simply like to get in, do what they need to do, and then get out quickly. The Advanced Tricks & Best Practices track was for those who are publishing on a very regular basis and are comfortable with code or need to add advanced functionality.

Links are provided to connect you with each presenter, as well as a recording of their presentation. We give special thanks to Dave Evans with Academic & Instructional Services for his work to provide us with these recordings.

Keynote | Part I and Part II

Presenters: Paul Fleming McCullagh & Ben Renard-Wiart

Discussed how templates and consistency are key components for your website allowing you to focus on the content - the most important part of any website. Reviewed websites that work and pitfalls to avoid. Shared practical tips on ways to stay ontop of your ever growing workload.

Click & Go Content

Website Myth Busting: What you think teens think about .edu websites and what they really think

Presenter: Ben Renard-Wiart

Compared how professionals view their higher education website and what teens expect from these websites.

Advanced Tricks & Best Practices

Top Usability Practices

Presenter: Christopher Phillips

Best practices to enable your audience to quickly digest the information you share with them.

Click & Go Content

The Candy Store

Presenters: Julie Duersch & Chalyce Macdonald

Review of the WEB Team's Candy Store, page layouts and how to use them.

Advanced Tricks & Best Practices

Embedding Scripts

Presenter: Lee Bartelme

How to add google calendars, social media feeds, and PayPal buttons to your website using embed code.

Click & Go Content

Writing for your audience

Presenter: Mitch Hawk

Tips for how to target your audience with informative content.

Advanced Tricks & Best Practices

Advanced Bootstrap

Presenters: Paul Fleming McCullagh & Ben Renard-Wiart & Logan Loertscher

Advanced HTML and CSS for layouts and increased functionality.

Click & Go Content

Accessibility for all – Content

Presenter: Christopher Phillips

Simple things you can do to make sure your content is accessible for all users.

Advanced Tricks & Best Practices

Keeping you and your users safe - strategies for data collecting and e-commerce

Presenters: Blake Rich & Richard Macdonald

Collecting data or payments on your website? Learn the best practices and available resources to keep you, your customers, and the University safe.

Click & Go Content

Better SEO with Better Content

Presenter: Tom Westover, Utah Digital Services

Build on top of your content with keywords and other strategies to help people find your site.

Advanced Tricks & Best Practices

Accessibility for all – Code

Presenter: Jared Smith, WebAIM

Simple best practices to ensure your website is accessible for all users.

Bringing It All Together & Next Steps

Presenter: Paul Fleming McCullagh

A recap of the day's events and how to put the things you've learned into practice.

USU Public Relations & Marketing

For help with establishing and enhancing your USU visual identity

USU Webmaster: Ben Renard-Wiart

Unit Logos | Graphic Design Community: Liz Lord

Visual Identity Guide for USU Websites

OU Campus | IT Web Team

For help with establishing and enhancing your OU Campus websites

Team Manager: Julie Duersch

Slack: #programming_design (public channel)

Email: itweb@usu.edu

Phone: (435) 797-8551

The Candy Store (Ideas and resources for your OU Campus website)

Website Security | IT Security & Systems Engineering

For advice on keeping your server secure

Team Manager: Blake Rich

PayPal & eCommerce | USU Card Office

To get your unit set up to utilize PayPal to receive payment for a variety of university purposes

Card Office Manager: John Bostock

Blackboard Transact Lead: Brian Rasmussen

EMS Scheduler | Room & Space Scheduling Integration

Card Office Manager: John Bostock


Center for Innovative Design & Instruction

WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind)

Surveys | Qualtrics

Qualtrics (remember, do not collect sensitive information with Qualtrics)

Email Mailing Lists

Allows you to set up an email list for groups of interested individuals or organizations.

Sympa Lists

For questions, specific to your college or department website, contact your College or Department web team.

Additional Resources