2019 USU Web Conference Recap & Resources

held Thursday, May 23, 2019 in the Eccles Conference Center (Auditorium and Rooms 205-207)

Morning General Sessions: Things Everyone Needs to Know

The Proper Care & Feeding of Your Website  |

Julie Duersch, Manager, Information Technology Web & Design Team

Feeding Your Website:  USU Branding is Fundamental  |

William Plate, Vice President for Marketing & Communications, Utah State University
Ben Renard-Wiart, University Webmaster, Utah State University

Feeding Your Website:  Targeted Content is Key  |

Matthew Jensen, Public Relations & Marketing Director, College of Engineering

You have a lot to say on your website. But where do you start? From writing better content catered to prospective students, to crafting that perfect pitch to a potential donor, writing for web is a complex enterprise. Technical and professional communicator Matt Jensen covered the basics about how to better identify and communicate with your audience. He covered the best practices of web copy, the basics of news feeds, and the everyday techniques you can master to create effective, targeted content.

Caring for Your Website:  A Healthy Website is an Accessible Website  |

Christopher Phillips, Accessibility Coordinator, Academic & Instructional Services, Center for Innovative Design & Instruction

For a well-rounded website that is usable for all visitors, accessibility is an essential part of building any website. If you are unsure of what accessibility means or how to get started making more your content more inclusive this session is a great starting point. This session will also shared some exciting new tools available to help you see a big picture of how accessible your content is and deliver experiences that will benefit all of your site visitors.

Additional Resources

Caring for Your Website:  Designing with the User Experience (UX) in Mind  |

Chalyce MacDonald, Programmer/Analyst, IT Web Team

Which design should you choose? It depends. Find out why some design elements are better than others and why it's important to keep an end-user perspective when managing your website.

Afternoon Break-out Sessions

Breakout sessions offered a focused look at different tools and techniques to help you properly care for and feed your website.

Feeding Your Website:  Video Strategy & Closed Captions  |

Shara Gibbons, Webmaster, Huntsman School of Business

Learn how the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business implemented a strategy to add closed captions (CC) to videos posted on their YouTube channel. How they were able to reduce the number of public/unlisted videos on their channel by half. The importance of adding descriptions and tags to videos. See a demo of Verbitizer, which the Huntsman School uses to add CC to videos.

Caring for Your Website:  Power of OU Campus Gadgets  |

Logan Loertscher, Programmer/Analyst, IT Web Team

Have you tried using OU Campus gadgets? These handy tools are designed to make your life easier! Learn how you can publish multiple pages at the same time for your Content Promoter materials, find content that needs to be reviewed, create a shorter URL, add internal notes to your webpages, check your links, and so much more.

Feeding Your Website:  Audience-focused Website Redesign  |

Nathan Blaylock, Designer, Emma Eccles Jones College of Education & Human Services

Good design entices users, where poor design will turn them away. Here we share the story behind creating the Sorenson Center for Clinical Excellence’s site redesign, and how you can apply similar principles into your own websites. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, implementing basic design principles and practices will help your users gain a better experience by finding the content they need.

Resources: USU Template UI (Sketch) | USU Template UI (XD) | Learn from Failure (supporting video) | Sorenson Prototype example

Caring for Your Website: OU Campus Components  |

Danielle Bosco, Programmer/Analyst, IT Web Team

Want an easier way to add beautiful content to your webpages? Learn about how the newest feature of OU Campus can help you streamline your website editing experience for beautiful, clean, more organized pages. We will cover what a component is, how to use them, and what is available for you to try on your website today.

Feeding Your Website:  Gathering Secure Data with RedCAP  |

Levi Sanchez, Webmaster, College of Engineering

A large portion of the internet is data collection. Now that you have some of the tools to get users interested in your site, you need a mechanism for collecting information to keep your audience engaged. What's that next step? This presentation simplied that process and answered the question "How can I help my college or department securely collect data?"

Caring for Your Website:  Google Analytics Reports with Google Data Studio  |

Logan Loertscher, Programmer/Analyst, IT Web Team

Google Analytics collects a wide variety of data on website visits. However, you don’t have to be an analytics expert to use that data to better serve your website audience. Learn what analytics can tell you and how you can receive your analytics data using Google Data Studio for dynamic reports.