Digital Measures Integration

Digital Measures integration is now available for faculty members in the College of Agriculture and Applied Science and main Omni CMS sites.  For best results, faculty directories need to use the Overview or Universal layout option for the entire unit.  Faculty members who do not wish to include Digital Measures as part of their directory page do not need to do anything, their information will continue to appear as it has previously.

Faculty members who do wish to include Digital Measures as part of their directory page will need to opt-in as follows:

  1. Go to their directory page and click the Admin link at the bottom of the page.
    Admin link button image
  2. Click on the orange MultiEdit button at the top of the page
    MultiEdit link button image
  3. Enter their A# in the field provided (typically at the bottom of the MultiEdit section).
    A-number field image
  4. Click the blue Save button at the bottom of the MultiEdit screen.
    Save button image
  5. Click on the green Publish button at the top of the screen.
    Publish button image
  6. Information from Digital Measures is pulled from the following categories:
    Digital Measures screen with highlighted text (the same information listed below)
    1. General Information (unless otherwise indicated, this information supercedes previous page content entered in the faculty multi-edit directory page)
      1. Personal and Contact Information
      2. Current Professional Appointment
      3. Awards and Honors (becomes a tab at the bottom of the page)
      4. Education
      5. Licensures and Certifications
      6. Also pulled from this section:  Biography, Research Interests, Expertise, Emphasis
    2. Teaching
      1. Scheduled Teaching (becomes a tab at the bottom of the page)
      2. Directed Student Learning (becomes a tab at the bottom of the page titled "Graduate Students Mentored")
    3. Research & Creative Endeavors
      1. Creative Works, Performances, and Exhibitions (becomes a tab at the bottom of the page)
      2. Publications/Intellectual Contributions (becomes a tab at the bottom of the page with the types of publications as a drop-down menu)
    4. Extension (becomes a tab at the bottom of the page)
      1. Major Programs
  7. If a faculty member wants a publication (or item) published to the web, they should log into their Digital Measures account and change the following fields for the particular item, as follows:
  8. digital measures option
  9. Digital Measures publication screen (highlights text below)
    1. Current Status
      1. must be ‘Published’ or ‘Accepted’ to appear
      2. Any other choice will not appear
    2. If ‘Published’ or ‘Accepted’ has been selected, and the faculty member does want the record to appear, they need to change the status in ‘Post Record to Website’ as follows:
      1. ‘Yes, standard record’
      2. if they do not want the record to appear, select ‘No, do not post’

        NOTE:  If a publication has more than one author, it will only be listed in the Directory for the individual faculty member who chooses to have it posted.
  10. Digital Measures “tabs” will appear at the bottom of the faculty member’s page for any items in the selection categories (see information, above) they have included (see example below).  Sub categories, if any, will appear if you click on the general tab associated with them (i.e. Abstracts, Journal Articles, etc. for Publications).  You will know that sub categories are included by the downward facing triangle in the tab.
    Digital Measures tabs in directory example

Please note that if you have information for the Bio, Expertise, Emphasis and Educational Background in your current (non-Digital Measures directory listing), the information provided by Digital Measures will appear in its place.  Information entered in those categories in your directory page will still be saved, but will not appear.

If you make changes to your Digital Measures information and it doesn’t immediately appear on your webpage, wait a moment and refresh your page.

Additional Resources

If you have any questions, or need assistance in adding Digital Measures to your faculty directory listing, please email or call 797-8551.

If you need to know the specific fields being pulled from Digital Measures into your faculty directory listing, refer to the details sheet.

If you have specific questions or need help with your Digital Measures account, please contact Hillary Rogers, Assessment Specialist with the Office of Analysis, Assessment and Accreditation ( or 797-9689).

You can also find out who is in charge of digital measures for your college

NOTE:  Non-faculty members should not include their A# in their directory listing.  Because they do not have any information in Digital Measures, listing their A# will cause their Directory listing to return a blank page.

Tips and Tricks

To help ensure a smooth transition to Digital Measures integration, faculty members should use the | symbol rather than the & when inputting multiple positions.