There are a few different options for carousels. You have the option to add a caption, link and title. See examples and how to implement them below.

Short Carousels

This is an example of putting a short gallery next to a paragraph. You can customize where you put your gallery and how wide it is.

Tall Image Carousels

How To Add A Carousel

You can add this content using an asset. Learn about assets

You have the option to add a caption, link and title. There are two ways to add a carousel (gallery asset) to your page.

1 - You can turn a gallery asset into a carousel by using a component (easier)
  1. While editing a page click in the area you want to insert your gallery.
  2. Press component button. Select gallery component.
    You can add this content using a component. Learn about components
  3. Click the asset button and select the gallery you created.
  4. Select Bootstrap Carousel type option
  5. Click Save. Save your page and the carousel will appear where you placed the component.
rotating quote gallery component screenshot


2 - Visit the page where the gallery will be housed and select Properties from the top menu bar.  Under Page Paramenters, find the "Gallery Options" section.

Gallery type options

Select the carousel gallery type you would like to have and save the parameters. Once you add your asset to the page it will automatically turn into a carousel.

Please note that you can only choose one gallery type for a given page if you use this second option.