Quote Galleries

Rotating quote gallery with images

Rotating quote gallery with no images

How to Create a Rotating Quote Gallery

You can add this content using an asset. Learn about assets

This feature allows you to turn an image gallery asset into a rotating quote gallery.

    1. You need to create an image gallery asset. (Check out our documentation to learn how to create an asset.)
    2. If you are going to have a rotating quote gallery with no images you still need to upload images to add the quote but the images won't show up.
    3. The Image appears best if it is a square image of any size.
    4. The Description field is associated with the quote in the gallery.
    5. The Caption field is associated with the author in the gallery.

How to Insert a quote Gallery

You can insert a quote gallery by adding a component.

  1. While editing a page click in the area you want your gallery to appear.
  2. Select gallery asset component
    You can add this content using a component. Learn about components
  3. Click the asset button and choose the asset you created.
  4. Select Rotating Quotes type option
  5. Choose either to enable images or disable them
  6. Click save. Save your page and the quote gallery will appear where you added the component.
rotating quote gallery component screenshot