Become a Content Manager

Gaining access and getting started in OU Campus is a multi-step process


Setting Up Your User Account

User accounts are available to USU employees (full-time, part-time, or student) who have editing responsibility for an OU Campus website. For non-employee access, see resources for non-USU personnel in OU campus.

Before you can start editing a USU OU Campus website, you need to have access granted by creating a user account. You set that up by having the program supervisor (often a department head or their assistant) contact the IT Web Team by phone at (435) 797-8551 or by email to We will need to know the following information for each person who will be actively managing the website content:

  • URL for the existing web site. If access to only a portion of the site is needed, we need to know which section of the site for which content manager will need access.
  • Name
  • A-number (there is no access to OU Campus without a valid A#)
  • E-mail address
  • Phone Number

Initial Online Training

To help new content managers get familiar with OU Campus, they are required to take the online training through the USU Learning System. Your hiring paperwork needs to be complete, and you need to set your preferred email in Banner, before you can access this training.  Please note that you will need to access this using Chrome or Safari, not with Firefox.  If you experience any problems with your access, please contact


In-Person Training

Once you've completed the online training, the next step is to meet with a member of the IT Web Team to answer any specific questions and review the available resources for content managers. To set that up, content managers email or call (435)797-8551.


Review Site Structure Guidelines

After becoming a content manager, it is important to review USU site structure guidelines. USU websites follow a template to maintain a uniform look across various departments, programs, and colleges. Site structure guidelines include configuration of key parts of a site such as the header, top navigation, and footer.


Select a Page Layout

After configuring the site structure, create new pages by first selecting a page layout. These page layouts have been developed and approved by University Marketing and Communications (UMAC) and provide a unified look across university websites.


Add Content Options

Adding content to a page is the final step in editing a website. Several examples of how to add content to a page have been provided for content managers. Additional help for adding website content is available by contacting the IT Web Team or by exploring OU Campus resources.


Continuing Education

As a member of the USU Web Community, you have many opportunities for continuing education. You are invited to participate in the annual USU Web Conference (held in May), and any of the group trainings offered throughout the year.

We also offer an on-line refresher course for those who are returning to active editing of OU Campus websites and need their access reinstated.

As always, you can reach out to the IT Web Team at any time to get guidance on web page design, effectively using available resources, and any other questions that you have.