Keyboard Shortcuts

Please note that when using a Mac computer, replace Control with Command.

Control-Shift-R: Hard Refresh Your Webpage Browser Window

Sometimes you don't see the saved and published changes you made to your page when you open it in your browser window. This may be because you have an older, cached, version of the page saved in your browser. To remove that older version, and get the newest available one, use this keyboard shortcut to "hard refresh" your webpage.

Control-Z: Undo

This keyboard shortcut reverses the last step you took. It's your "undo" shortcut. You can use it multiple times to walk yourself back to an earlier version of your work.

Please note that once you save something it might not be able to go past the save point.

Control-F: Finder

This shortcut is handy for many things because it allows you to open a search window where you can find something specific on a page (i.e. a specific word or phrase). In some cases you will also be given a find and replace option at the same time.

Control-X: Cut and Save to Clipboard

This shortcut allows you to cut your selected content and at the same time store it on the clipboard to paste somewhere else.

Control-C: Copy

This shortcut will save your selected content on the clipboard to paste somewhere else.

Control-V: Paste

This shortcut will paste your clipboard content wherever you've placed your cursor.

Control-A Then Shift-Tab: Format Code View

When using a code editor, whether in OU Campus or JS Fiddle, this helpful shortcut allows you to more easily see how your code is nested by putting tabs in front of similarly nested sections of code.

Shift-Enter: New Paragraph/Element

When in edit mode (WYSIWYG) in OU Campus, Shift-Enter while your cursor is at the end of a paragraph will insert a new paragraph after your current paragraph. Similarly, Shift-Enter with your cursor at the beginning of a paragraph will insert a new paragraph before the one you are in. This is easiest with "Show Blocks" enabled. This behavior also works on other elements, including headers.

Option/Alt: Highlight Multiple Rows

If you have source code access, you can use this shortcut to highlight multiple rows and then type to edit similar code in different lines.

More Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

You can find more helpful keyboard shortcuts with a simple Google search or check Wikipedia for a table of keyboard shortcuts.