OU Campus Access for non USU Personnel

Editing a USU OU Campus webpage requires a USU A-number (ID number) and user role creation within Banner to receive access. If you have non-USU personnel who need to edit your website, you will need to get an A-number, assign role, and arrange for them to take our introductory on-line training. To arrange that, the following steps will need to happen:

  1. Choose the sponsoring department.  A USU department, college or program must sponsor, and pay for this service.
  2. Work with the sponsored departments business manager to create a no-pay EPAF and opt-in to IT Services. This step will assign the appropriate role for accessing OU Campus. There is a $12.30/month charge that will be billed to the sponsoring department for this service.
  3. Once the approvals are done for the no-pay EPAF, the sponsoring department will need to contact the IT Web Team with the person's name, email and A-number, to get them added to the appropriate website.
  4. The new content manager will then need to take the USU OU Campus on-line training.

Please note that the sponsoring department is responsible to (1) provide the non-USU content manager with on-going training, (2) terminate no-pay EPAF employees when they no longer have content management responsibility, and (3) repeat the process to add any replacement personnel as needed.