Tooltips & Quality Control Messages

To help OU Campus content managers achieve greater visibility and accessibility for their webpages, the IT Web Team has implemented tooltips and quality control check messages. There are two types of messages: tooltips (image and link accessibility) and quality control messages (SEO). These show up when you are editing your page as a reminder about things that are missing or could be improved. They are not visible to website visitors and they do not stop you from saving/publishing your page.


Tooltips are message boxes that appear on a webpage to provide key information related to your content. In the case of tooltips in OU Campus editing windows, they are meant to provide guidance and direction to content managers as they create/edit/update their webpage content.

Link Wording Tooltip

Using "click here" or "read more" for links on your page is confusing to screen readers and unhelpful to sighted visitors as well. By using appropriate link text that describes where the link will take visitors, you improve the overall experience and accessibility of your web pages. This tooltip will when you edit your web page, as a gentle reminder to use descriptive text for your links, but is not visible to website visitors.

Click Here tooltip:  Please use descriptive text, rather than generic 'click here' or 'read more,' to make links accessible for all website visitors.

Image Alt Text (Description) Tooltip

Image "alt text", also known as image description, is essential for an accessible experience for all website visitors. You do not need to include the word image with your alt txt since a screen reader will insert the words "image of" before it reads your alt text. When you are editing your webpages, you will see dashed red lines around images that are missing alt text or include the word "image" in the alt text. If you have chosen an image that is decorative and does not contribute to the content of the page, you will still see the tooltip reminding you of the importance of alt text. You can choose to ignore that message, or add alt text describing the image. If your image includes information text, you will need to include that text as part of your alt text.

Image Description tooltip:  Non-decorative images require descriptive alt text for accessibility.  Do not use the word 'image' in your description as this is redundant for screen readers

Open in a New Window Tooltip

You will notice that any pages you've published recently, that include links that open in a new window or browser tab, show a message that indicates the link will open in a new window when you hover over the link. These are visible to website visitors and disappear when the cursor moves away from the link. These tooltips allow visitors who are using a screen reader a more accessible experience. You will also notice these messages when you are editing your webpage as a reminder that the link is opening a new window.

Link tooltip:  This link will open in a new window

Quality Control Messages

Quality Control Check messages appear at the top of your edit screen when you are working on your OU Campus webpage. They are a reminder of ways you can improve your page for search engine optimization. Page title and description are not visible on your webpage, but they used by search engines to find the best match for their search results.

Search engine results showing page title and description

You edit your page title and description with your page parameters. First you need to check out your webpage, then click Properties and Parameters. You will find them in them under the Title and Metadata section.

Find your page parameters by checking out your page with the yellow lighbulb button and select Properties and then Parameters

Missing Description

Quality Control Check:  The Description field in the 'Title and Metadata' section of your page is missing

Missing Page Title

Quality Control Check:  The Title field in the 'Title and Metadata' section of your page is missing

Description Length

Quality Control Check:  Your Description field is short of the 75 characters recommended

Missing Page Properties

Quality Control Check:  You are missing important page properties for SEO and Accessibility