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Setting Up Your Website

By choosing one of the USU templates for your website, USU colleges, departments, units, and affiliated programs tap into the power of the USU brand and strengthen your distinct web presence, allowing you to more fully benefit from being a part of the Utah State University family.

Best of all, USU's two distinct templates are free for USU colleges, departments, units and affiliated programs. Within the template you can add your program's unique look and feel, further extending your web presence and clearly defining what you have to offer to interested students, researchers, and others from around the world.

Setting up a new website, or making adjustments to an existing website inside OU Campus is done in consultation with the IT Web Team.  We can help you explore your options and select the one that best meets your particular website needs. You can get an idea of what the template entails, and your options, here.

Contact the IT Web Team

Call (435) 797-8551 or email to discuss your website needs, including:

  • Preferred URL of website
  • USU college, department or program that the website falls under
  • Template choice
  • Name(s) of those who will be adding content

Templates Choices

Your choice of the Big Blue or Whiteout template will depend on a variety of factors: (1) your college preference, (2) how you want to display your unit logo, and (3) personal preference of your unit administration and content managers. Both templates include the same Aggie-blue footer and white editable content region. The information provided here will help you make the choice that is right for your unit. Please reach out to the IT Web Team when you're ready to get started.

Big Blue Header Template

The Big Blue Template contains a standard blue header.  A 70/30, or side by side, logo placement will be necessary for your organization's branding.  In consultation with unit administrators, the IT Web Team will help get an appropriate logo for your site.

Please refer to the USU Visual Identity Program for more information regarding logos.

Generic Example

Big Blue Template generic header example

College of Science Example

College of Science Big Blue header example

Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development Example

College of Education & Human Services, Family, Consumer, and Human Development Department Big Blue header with pipe example

Whiteout Header Template

The Whiteout Template contains a combination of a thin blue header with the Utah State University logo and a white space allowing organizations to use a customized web logo without disrupting USU branding guidelines.  This is a great choice for units who want to include a College logo along with a Department or program logo as part of their header.

Generic Example

Whiteout Template generic header example

Department of Geology Example

Department of Geology Whiteout Template header example


The footer is standard across all templates, and provides full liberty to place content over the white line above the copyright link.  You can include images, buttons, links to relevant content, or helpful information depending on your needs.

Generic Example

Templates website footer example

College of Science Example

College of Science footer example

Content Region

Inside the content region of each webpage, content managers can choose how they want to present the information they want to share on their website. They can create columns, buttons and links, along with inserting images in a variety of ways.

The IT Web Team has created, and continues to create new snippets to allow technical and non-technical content managers to choose the right page layout for their needs and quickly implement their ideas. You can find ideas on how you might layout your pages, or features you can incorporate, under the Page Options tab including:

  • Home Page Layouts
  • Sub Page Layouts
  • Text styling (boxes, warnings, etc.)
  • Lists
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Image and video galleries
  • Accordions
  • Buttons
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Google analytics
  • Faculty and staff directories (with and without Digital Measures integration)
  • News (articles and feeds)
  • Calendars

Example of an Empty Content Region

Empty content region

Mountain West Center for Regional Studies Example

Mountain West Center for Regional Studies filled content region example