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Box Embed Widget

Website Owner Responsibilities

  • Create a Box Folder (if you don't have one already)
  • Add an IT Web Team member as co-owner (this is temporary, once the code is in place and working, we remove ourselves from the folder) OR follow the steps below to get your embed code
  • Provide the specific page URL where the Box upload widget is to be embedded

IT Web Team Responsibilities

  • Get the embed code
  • Place the code on the page (don't forget to replace all the & in the code with & amp; to make it work)
  • Test the upload (then delete your upload)
  • Once the test is complete, remove IT Web Team members as co-owners (if they were added to get the embed code)

Getting Your Embed Code: A Step-by-Step

In Box, hover over the file you would like to embed and on the far right a box with 3 dots should appear. To do this, you must be the owner or co-owner of the file/folder.

Select 'More Actions' --> 'Upload Embed Widget'

visual of where to get to the upload embed widget for your Box folder

Configure your widget appearance in the popup window (title and instructions) and preview what it will look like.

where to enter the title and instructions for your widget appearance
what your title and instructions look like on your widget

Don't forget to use the 'Copy' button to copy the source code, then either embed the code yourself (making sure you put 'amp;' after each '&') or send it to the IT Web Team to embed.

Trouble Getting Access to Your Folder?

If you can't see the 'Upload Embed Widget', you are not an owner or co-owner of the folder.

 what you see if you're not an owner of the folder

You can find the person who owns the folder, and ask them to grant you co-ownership (you can do this temporarily), by clicking on Share --> Manage Collaborators.

find the owner or co-owner with manage collaborators

find the owner