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Special Features

Annual Website Audit

Annual Website Audit

Keep your website relevant, up-to-date, and functioning great by completing an annual review. Check for various web accessibility issues, outdated content, and poor-quality images, then take action! The quality of your website depends on you.

Google Analytics with Data Studio | IT Web

Google Analytics with Data Studio

Learn how to work with the IT Web Team to access your OU Campus website analytics through Google Data Studio.

Access for Non-USU Staff Members to Edit OU Campus Websites | IT Web

Access for Non-USU Staff Members to Edit OU Campus Websites

Only someone with a valid USU ID number (A-number) can have access to edit an OU Campus website at USU. If you have a need for editors not affiliated with USU, here is what you need to know.

Box Embed Widget | IT Web

Box Embed Widget

Learn how to get the embed widget code for a Box folder, including how to gain access to that code as a co-owner.

Content Promoter for News | IT Web

Content Promoter for News

Add a news section to your OU Campus website with CP for News. Learn how to use tags, add a news feed to your homepage, and more.

Digital Commons for Archive Web Content Storage | IT Web

Digital Commons for Archive Web Content Storage

Older content, no longer relevant on a website can be maintained using the USU Library Digital Commons service.

E-commerce | IT Web


Learn more about what your college, department, or program can do with e-commerce.

Facebook Integration | IT Web

Facebook Integration

You can integrate your Facebook posts and feed into your OU Campus website.

Faculty & Staff Directory

Faculty & Staff Directory

Learn about your options for displaying a faculty and staff directory on your website. Setting up the directory is handled by the IT Web Team. Adding faculty and staff members is the responsibility of the content manager.

Google Calendar | IT Web

Google Calendar

Learn how to work with the IT Web Team to add a Google calendar to your OU Campus website.

Instagaram Embed Post | IT Web

Instagaram Embed Post

You can embed an Instragram post on your OU Campus webpage.

Multi-publish News Pages Gadget

Multi-publish News Pages Gadget

You can publish your CP News articles using the CP News Multipublish Gadget to save time and ensure that your new articles not only get published, but also publish the other pages on which they are pulled (i.e. news index pages, other pages with an embedd...

News & Other Content Feed Options | IT Web
Sticky Navigation | IT Web

Sticky Navigation

Sticky navigation, or having your top navigation remain visible and usable to website visitors even after scrolling past your top navigation bar, is now available for USU websites in OU Campus.

Stock Images | IT Web

Stock Images

USU Has a license to download stock images for our websites from Getty Images. You can learn more about how to access those images in this article.

Third-Party Application Integration with OU Campus | IT Web

Third-Party Application Integration with OU Campus

If you need to integrate a third-party application into an OU Campus website, please contact the IT Web Team.

Twitter Integration | IT Web
USU Calendar | IT Web
Web Accessibility | IT Web

Web Accessibility

What is Web Accessibility, and why does it matter? Many accessibility evaluation tools are available to help you keep your website in check, if you know what issues to look for. Don't let your website be a hassle for visitors using screen readers!

Analytics Resources | IT Web

Analytics Resources

Need to know more about Analytics tools available to evaluate your USU OU Campus website? This is your starting point.