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Content Promoter for News


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With News Blogger you can create news articles, share a searchable list of articles with an image and description on a designated news page, add a news feed to a homepage, link to articles from outside sources, and even create a news page that pulls in articles from other OU Campus sites that match your choice of tags.

Article Types

There are three article types:

  • Standard--comes with a picture you can easily replace
  • Image Gallery--comes prebuilt with a place to include an image gallery
  • Video--comes with a video embedded that you can replace with your own video content

Featuring Articles

You can choose to feature articles at the top of your main news landing page in three ways: (1) one main featured article, (2) three featured articles, or (3) both a main and three featured articles.

PDF Creation

Each article, except for those pulled in from an external source, also come with a built-in .pdf version of the article that website visitors can download or share. Content creators choose whether to have a 1, 2 or 3 column layout for the .pdf file.

User Documentation

Draft user documentation is available.