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Publishing OU Campus Pages to Social Media

To publish your articles or other OU Campus website content directly to Social Media (only Twitter is available at this time*), you need to first add your Social Media account to OU Campus.

To do that, you need to contact the IT Web Team and either come to our office during the set up with your username and password (preferred, and we can also come to you if you need us to) or share your office Twitter username and password (not preferred).  Once the link is made and the proper settings are created, anyone with access to edit your website can publish an article to the linked Social Media account, using the parameters provided.

When the editor selects Publish for the article or webpage, they will see Social Media as one of the tabs.  After clicking on that tab, they can complete the specific information to include with that post on Social Media as follows:


Allows you to select the specific Social Media page you want your content to be posted to (your choices are created when you set up the connection in OU Campus).

Wall Post

Comes with generic text, but you can change that to anything that makes sense for the article.


Be sure to check the Add URL to add a link to the article in your feed.

Don’t forget to Publish.

*Facebook changed their terms of service, discontinuing the ability to publish to social media from OU Campus

screenshot of the publish with social media tab

Social Media Metadata

Please note that tailoring your social media metadata (image, title, description) is only available with CP News pages.