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OU Campus Resources

Select a topic below to find links to OU Campus' support site and other information about the topic.
Please contact the IT Web and Design team if you have any questions.


Phone: (435) 797-8551

Login by selecting the word "Admin" in the footer of any page. This will direct you to USU's login page where you will insert your A number and USU password. 

Start with a brief overview of OU Campus' interface.

Learn about your Dashboard and how to customize it.

Read about the Report options for user levels 5-8 to see how they will help you manage your site.


Getting a page to be live on a site is a two step process.

  1. The page needs to be saved
  2. The page needs to be published

Once the page is saved and published, it will be live on the site. Publishing a page will also automatically create a version of the page in your versions list.

Learn more about Publishing.


Saving a page by selecting the save option will direct you to the preview screen and save any changes that were made without them being seen on the live site. 

Learn more about Saving.


Manually save your changes as a version without publishing by selecting the Save Version button.

Learn how to manually save a Version without publishing.

As soon as you edit a page, it is checked out to you. This means that others cannot edit it while it is checked out to you. The page will not be checked in until the changes are published.

Learn more about Checked In/Out and other Page Indicators.

Snippets allow users to create custom content layouts. There are several types of snippets in the USU Template including columns and interactive snippets.

Learn what each tool in the toolbar does.

Interior sections and folders share the same icon, (see below) but there is a very important difference between them. Interior sections are ideally used to hold and organize pages. They come with an index page and other helpful files you might need. Folders are typically for non-web files such as images and PDFs, but can be used like.

Assets Overview

Assets are reusable content. Meaning once an asset is created, it can be placed on several pages, and when the asset is updated, all the pages with that asset will update as well. 

This eliminates the need to go update each page individually.

Assets can be content such as the number of students attending USU. Assets will also be used to manage forms and image galleries.

Image Gallery Overview

Learn more about the image galleries asset.

Forms Overview

Learn more about the forms asset.

Uploading Images

Images can be uploaded and edited in OU Campus.

Upload images directly into your site's images folder by selecting "Upload" in the top right. Images can also be uploaded when inserting an image to a page by selecting "Upload."

Editing Images

OU Campus has a basic image editor. Learn more about OU Campus' Image Editor.