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When you registered your computer/laptop/pad/tablet/phone in BlueZone to connect to the USU network, you gained access to the abundance of information and services on the internet. You have also exposed your computer to the mischief and hazards that abound on the internet. You are your own first line of defense against those ills. You should follow the 8 Steps to Protect Your Computer provided by the IT Service Desk and learn here how to be an "Internet Skeptic." When your defensive efforts fail, the IT Security Team may be your second line of defense.

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Stay informed on how to keep your computer, devices, and cyber identity secure.

Wire transfer fraud targets professional associations too

Wire transfer fraud targets professional associations too

Professional Associations organizing Conferences are another target of wire fraud scams.

"Help! Send Money!" Scam Analyzed

"Help! Send Money!" Scam Analyzed

One use of a hacked/phished email account is to send a request for help to everyone in the addressbook and more. Here's how one of those scams plays out...

Computer Security Threats

Spear Phish Targets USU

This morning we received about 250 copies of a bogus message forged to appear to be from with a link to a fake Outlook-in-the-cloud (Office365) login page.