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Protect Yourself and Your Devices 

When you registered your computer/laptop/pad/tablet/phone in BlueZone to connect to the USU network, you gained access to the abundance of information and services on the internet.  You have also exposed your computer to the mischief and hazards that abound on the internet.  You are your own first line of defense against those ills. You should follow the 8 Steps to Protect Your Computer provided by the IT ServiceDesk and learn here how to be an Internet Skeptic. When your defensive efforts fail, the IT Security Team may be your second line of defense.

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Internet Skeptic Blog

Stay informed on how to keep your computer, devices, and cyber identity secure.

What About Medical Identity Theft?

What About Medical Identity Theft?

If you are already worried about theft of your banking, tax and other financial info, add to the list what the bad guys could do to your medical records if they impersonate you for medical treatment and payments!

Another Ransomware Scam

Another Ransomware Scam

"Cryptowall" is a malicious program that will encrypt all of your files and SELL you the decryption key. It is being deployed in "spear phish" messages with zipped or executable attachments, or even links to shared files. The email often claims to be an unexpected FAX or UPS delivery notification.

Computer Security Threats

Watch Out For Look-Alike But Bogus USU Login Pages

Phishers may construct a COPY of a USU login page and place it on another server. If they convince you to login there, they will have your password!