USU IT Teams

Utah State University Information Technology provides quality, timely, secure, appropriate, innovative, and reliable information technology services to support the University’s mission of learning, discovery, and engagement.

Service Desk
The IT Service Desk offers technology support for most enterprise systems at Utah State University. Services are provided to students, staff and faculty. In addition to support services, the Service Desk provides; full-time desktop support; campus software licensing, and certified hardware repair services. Contact us at (435) 797-HELP,, on-line Live Chat or through MyTech.

Madonna Bortle, Manager

Computer Labs
Oversees the Open-Access Student Computer Labs at USU. We are committed to assist students in pursuit of their academic goals by providing state-of-the-art computer services and software. Qualified consultants are trained to answer any software or general university questions, while maintaining a professional and academic-friendly atmosphere in each computer facility.

Gary Egbert, Manager

Enterprise Applications
Responsible for designing, building, and maintaining databases including enterprise systems such as Banner, the Data Warehouse, Touchnet, etc. We consult with USU colleges, departments and units to best determine your needs for databases and can design and implement it for you.

Ryan Merrill, Manager

Enterprise Integrations
Responsible for cross-system integration and cloud-based communication with enterprise systems. Projects include the USU API, MyId, and Aggietime.

Carl Ellsworth, Manager

Enterprise Systems & Security
Responsible for more than 400 computer servers that keep the University running on a day to day basis. We employ strategies to protect the University's data from misuse and from hackers, and are responsible to keep the systems up-to-date. We provide backup services for all enterprise systems and to departments through the University system.

Niel Nickolaisen, Manager

Responsible to keep network traffic flowing in the right direction and in a timely matter. We are responsible for all of the routers and switches on the Logan Campus, and work closely with the Statewide Campuses to make sure everything works together. We are constantly upgrading equipment, and installing new systems to meet the needs of faculty, researchers, staff, and students.

Kevin Grover, Manager

Physical Infrastructure
Responsible for the design, installation and operation of the USU wiring infrastructure that supports networking, phones and cable TV operations. We also install equipment including backup power systems to support the network. We consult with departments on the design and installation of camera security systems that tie into a central location for monitoring by security/police and also for archive recording.

David Tidwell, Manager

ServiceNow | BPM
The ServiceNow team utilizes ServiceNow to help colleges and departments streamline business and service processes. With ServiceNow, requests move rapidly through approval and fulfillment processes, allowing the requester and fulfillment organization to track and report on each request.

Steve Funk, Manager

Web | Omni CMS
Responsible to support the programming and design of the USU website content management system, Omni CMS (formerly known as OU Campus). We consult with colleges, departments and units across USU to support the creation and maintenance of appealing websites that reflect the work done by USU faculty, researchers, staff and students.

Julie Duersch, Manager