Google Analytics

Google has changed how it collects data and to address that we're making changes to our Google Analytics Reports.

Every site that uses the USU Template is automatically tracked by Google Analytics. We use the Google Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) reporting tool to present the data gathered to interested web content managers and webmasters.

To gain access to this data, please fill out this form. The IT Web Team will configure your report to reflect your analytics needs. If your needs change, contact the IT Web Team to make adjustments.

Once created, you will get a link to a dynamic (updated weekly) report. With the report, you can:

  • Check your data at any time
  • Share the report with your team using the link provided
  • Adjust the date range to look at different time periods
  • Drill down to see metrics for a specific section or page on your site

Excluding Your Traffic

To ensure the accuracy of your Analytics Reports, it's important to exclude your own website activity. By default, your activity is included in the reports, but don't worry - there's a simple solution. Just install an Extension for your Browser that will exclude traffic from you. We also suggest everyone in your office do the same. This way, you'll better understand your website's performance without any skewing from your own activity.

Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google)