Annual Site Refresh

Increase SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps users find relevant content on your site. Search engines reward accessible sites with higher search results. Provide necessary and convenient access to all by following web regulations.

Curate content

Irrelevant information causes user frustration and confusion. We help hunt down old dates, times, and other content for appropriate updates or archiving. Set page reminders to know when content should be updated!

Improve usability

The web is always changing, and so do the ways we navigate it. Attractive sites are perceived as easier to use, whether they actually are or not. Update to the latest web features that USU offers. We help present your information in a clear, concise, and accessible way.

Site Refresh Process


Request A Site Refresh Report

Gather the required information and submit the Site Refresh Checklist form. You will then receive a confirmation email and work with our team to schedule a meeting to discuss the following steps.


Discuss Site Analytics

We break down a detailed analytics report of your site in an understandable and actionable way. Key pages will receive suggestions for concise writing, UX/UI adjustments, mobile-friendliness assurance, and easy access across the site. Compare this list against what you would expect to be most important to your audience.

SEO services we provide

  • Dial-in your most important pages and content
  • List content editors for removal
  • Walkthrough of site directory members
  • Report on page titles and descriptions
  • Old content report of past news articles and unedited pages
  • Suggestions for content consolidation

Site Accessibility Review

We assure that your site is keyboard- and screen-reader accessible to benefit all users. Page content is also validated site-wide to meet WCAG AAA guidelines.

Accessibility services we provide

  • A review of web accessibility
  • Image sizing, resolution, and alternative text
  • Video quality and captioning
  • Hyperlink quality assurance
  • Heading structure compliance

Backend Housekeeping

We keep your site's content organized and maintained by removing unused pages and files with your discretion. Images and files are moved to the appropriate folder and permalinks are put in place.

Housekeeping services we provide

  • Organize files to a standard convention
  • Removal of unused files and pages
  • Dependency tag scan to set permalinks
  • Update folder settings to assure continued organization
  • Set page reminders for date-specific content

Request A Refresh Report