Digital Commons Archiving

Digital Commons is the archiving service provide by the USU Library. This service allows research, publications and other material that needs to remain available to the public to be stored and accessible outside of a traditional website. URL links to the stored material make it easy to maintain web access without cluttering the backend files of a website.

Library staff, not departmental staff, are responsible for uploading the material into Digital Commons. This is done by sharing a Box folder, with proper permissions for file access, with the library staff so that they can upload the desired material. The Digital Commons team can be reached by email to or phone to (435) 797-4211.

Once the material has been uploaded, departmental staff can get the Digital Commons URL links and add any references they desire to their departmental or faculty website.

This is an ideal situation with the new News Blogger feature in Omni CMS and the creation of .pdf files for historic purposes. Any department who wishes to keep their news articles accessible to the public after the 5 year period allowed on individual websites can take their .pdfs and work with the Library to upload their articles into Digital Commons.