Font Awesome Icons

You can add this content using a component. Learn about components

Font Awesome icons can be added to Omni CMS web pages by using the Font Awesome Icon component or the Card - Font Awesome Icon component.

  1. Simply search for a free Font Awesome Icon
    1. Version 4 (all are free to use)
    2. Version 5 (free only)
  2. Copy the code for the icon (should look similar to example below)
  3. Place the cursor on the desired location for the icon on the page
  4. Select the "Font Awesome Icon Component"
  5. Paste the code copied previously into the text box  
  6. Press insert button and save the page

Icons will take on the color characteristics of their container. See examples below:

Icon in Heading    

Font Awesome Icons available in component
Font Awesome Icon Examples