Content Promoter

With Content Promoter  you can create news articles, share a searchable list of articles with an image and description on a designated news page, add a feed to a homepage (or other web page), link to articles from outside sources, and even create a page that pulls in articles from other Omni CMS sites that match your choice of tags. Learn more details about how to implement various content promoter feeds by reaching out to the IT-Web Team.


Each CP news article, except for those pulled in from an external source, also come with a built-in .pdf version of the article that website visitors can download or share. Content creators choose whether to have a 1, 2 or 3 column layout for the .pdf file.

You can create a CP news feed by creating a CP News Section with CP News Articles.

You can choose to feature articles at the top of your main news landing page in three ways: (1) one main featured article, (2) three featured articles, or (3) both a main and three featured articles.

There are three article types:

  • Standard--comes with a picture you can easily replace
  • Image Gallery--comes prebuilt with a place to include an image gallery
  • Video--comes with a video embedded that you can replace with your own video content

You can either create a news feed by using the index page of a CP news section or insert a feed onto any page using a CP Feed component. See options for CP Feed embeds.

For more detailed information, refer to our Content Promoter for News Getting Started Guide.


CP Generic feeds use any type of page to create a feed.

You can create a CP Generic Feed by creating a CP Section with CP Pages.

CP Pages are just like standards pages but you can sort the pages in the section (folder) as they appear in an feed. Sort priority can be edited under page properties.

You can either create a feed by using the index page of a CP section or insert a feed onto any page using a CP Feed component. See options for CP Feed embeds.


This option allows you to display various faculty or staff in a grid or table layout and easily update each faculty or staff members information.

You can create a CP Directory Feed by creating a directory section with directory members in that section.

Learn more about Content Promoter for Directory.


The key to using Content Promoter is using tags. This is how you filter what shows up on a news feed. To determine the tags fixed to a specific folder hover over a folder then hover over the edit button and click tag access. You can view the tags for a specific page and add additional tags by going to the page and clicking the properties button near the top. The tags are listed under the page description field. The feeds will only pull in article or pages or directory members with the tags that are listed.

Publishing CP Content

When you publish a single CP page or article the link in the feed won't work or be updated until you also publish the index page or whatever page your feed is located on.

Multi-Page Publish

You can publish your CP News articles and other CP pages using the CP Multi-Page Publish Gadget to save time and ensure that your new articles and CP pages get published. Learn about how to use the multi page publish gadget.


  • The page description field in your parameters is used for (1) Google meta data and (2) the description in your news feed index pages or embedded feeds.
  • On your news index pages or embedded feeds, the description is set to break at the end of the word immediately before the 320 character limit.
  • If you copied and pasted the page description from Word or another word processor (or even website), this may unintentionally bring in some additional behind-the-scenes code that may interfere with this function.  If you notice that this is not working, please contact the IT Web Team.