Image Hero Banner with Overlay Bar and Button

Optional Subtitle Available

This is where you can put content you would like to display in the hero banner.

H2 Heading (H1 is in the image overlay)

You can add this content using a component. Learn about components

This page uses a jumbotron component. If you want your jumbotron to span the full width of the page (like the one on the top of this page) reach out to theĀ IT Web team. We will add an editable region to the top of the page where you can still edit your jumbotron if needed. After we have changed your page follow these steps:

  1. Click the first green edit button on the page
  2. Delete the Jumbotron component already in place (this is a place-holder component and must be replaced or your page won't function properly and has the potential to break down the road)
  3. Add a new Jumbotron component and select your options (height, text location, heading/subheading/content/button) and save; please note that "partial darkening" creates a darker bar across the bottom of the image where the text will be placed, not checking this puts a light grey overlay over the entire image (these measures are to ensure accessibility)
  4. Save the edits you've made
  5. Click the second green edit button on the page and add your content (starting with H2 headings since your H1 heading is in the image overlay
  6. Save and publish