Fat Footer

The footer is standard across all templates. You can choose between a blue or gray footer. This appears above the fixed secondary footer on the very bottom. You can include images, buttons, links to relevant content, or helpful information depending on your needs.


  1. If the footer isn't using the buttons column and only has 1 - 3 columns of contact info/links, col-lg-3 should work nicely on the columns and put justify-content-start on the row to move the content to the left.
  2. If the footer has 4+ columns, it's up to the developer if they want to set column widths or not, but leaving the row as it to evenly space the rows is fine.
  3. If the footer is using the buttons and only 1-2 columns of other content, the buttons should be on the right and the 1-2 columns should be moved all the way to the left. This requires additional markup as seen here https://statewide.usu.edu/ or https://www.usu.edu/ais/[BROKEN LINK]
  4. The buttons column should be at most col-lg-3. col-lg-2 should work in most cases, but we've noticed sometimes the buttons need two words and it looks better if they don't wrap. We just don't want those buttons being 1/4 of the screen width or anything like that.

Blue Footer Example

Templates website footer example

Gray Footer Example

College of Science footer example