Side Navigation

A side navigation (left or right) is available for your website. It can be set up for just one page, for a folder or for the entire site. Individual content managers can set up their page navigation, but folder-level or site-wide side navigation set-up requires the assistance of the IT Web Team. Don't hesitate to reach out to the IT Web Team for assistance.

Setting Up A Side Navigation for Your Webpage

To add a side navigation to your webpage, you will need to have a side navigation file that you want to use already created. Websites created after February 2017 will have a file at the root of your site that can help you get started. Websites created before February 2017 will typically have a file at the root of your site which can also be used to help you get started.

NOTE: If you have not used your side navigation file up to this point, you can rename your to, but it isn't necessary.

Setting the side navigation for your page requires you to work inside your page parameters. You navigate to your page parameters following these steps:

  • Click Content --> Pages
  • Select the page where you want to include the side navigation
  • Once the page is checked out (yellow lightbulb), click the Properties button
  • Make sure you are looking at the Parameters for the page
  • In the Parameters you will be looking at Custom Settings --> Side Nav Options

Choose where side navigation will appear

Your choices are Hide, Show Left or Show Right

Path to Side Nav

The default is the side navigation file ( or, if you want a different file, select your alternative file, or type in the file path (/folder-name/

Title of Side Navigation

This allows you to choose a mobile-friendly side navigation title that will appear when your webpage is viewed on a mobile device

Don't forget to save and publish your page.

Save & Publish

Be sure to save and publish to see the added side navigation.

screen shot of page parameters