Lightbox Image Gallery

Click on an image to see the larger image on a black background. Gallery controls include forwards and backwards buttons, large thumbnails that link to images, zoom in, zoom out, return to normal size, full screen, download.Image info includes title and caption. Large thumbnails that can be hidden or shown. No auto play. See example and how to add it to your site below.

How To Add A Lightbox Image Gallery

You can add this content using an asset. Learn about assets

You can turn a gallery asset into a lightbox image gallery by adding a component.

  1. While editing a page click in the area you want to insert your gallery.
  2. Press component button (). Select gallery component.
    You can add this content using a component. Learn about components
  3. Click the asset button and select the gallery you created.
  4. Select Lightbox Image Gallery type option
  5. Click Save. Save your page and the image gallery will appear where you placed the component.
rotating quote gallery component screenshot