Custom Reports

What You Need to Know

Custom reports are CSV (excel) files that can be generated given some requirements. There are reports that can generated based off of sites, users, access groups, pages, and more. Some reports we have created gadgets for, so getting the data is quick and relatively easy. Many gadgets are available to all users and information regarding them can be found here.

However, due to the nature of Omni CMS some reports generated by gadgets are only available via request. A list of readily available reports can be seen on the right.

What if I want information isn't available?

If the information you want isn't provided by a gadget and isn't in the list to the right, you can still contact us about creating a report. Depending on the simplicity or complexity of the report we can make you one without a gadget.

Requesting the Report

If there is a report that you would like you can email us at with information about the report that you would like. If the report you need is listed on the right, critera for the request is listed there.

Available Reports

Find Across Sub Account

Required Criteria:

  • Search term
  • Sites to search (Omni CMS site name)


Searches all of the requested sites for a specific search term and gives a list of all the pages that the term was found on. It could be useful for, as an example, finding all embedded scripts on a site by using "script" as your search term.

Unlinked Pages and Files

Required Criteria:

  • Site name


Generates a list of every page and file on the requested site that is both a) not linked to via a dependency tag and b) linked to with a dependency tag and how many pages are subscribed to it (linked to it).