Page Layouts

Examples of available page layouts are listed below. Select a layout type to find out more information, including implementation.

Site Structure

Page layouts are a key part of overall page structure. Learn more about how USU sites are structured (including header, fat footer, top navigation, etc.).

Landing Pages

These landing page layouts have been developed and approved by University Marketing and Communications (UMAC) and provide a unified look across university websites. Find out more about UMAC guidelines for using Hero Banners.

Blue Hero Banners

Blue Hero Banner

banner full width header

Blue Hero Banner with Subtitle

banner full header with subtitle

Narrow Blue Hero Banner

banner narrow header

Narrow Blue Hero Banner with Subtitle

banner narrow header with subtitle

Centered Blue Hero Banner

hero banner centered

Centered Blue Hero Banner with Subtitle

hero banner centered with subtitle

Short Hero Banner

short banner screenshot

Striped Sectional

striped sectional

Assessment Page

assessment page

Image Hero Banners

Image Hero Banner With Overlay

banner image with overlay

Image Hero Banner With Overlay Bar

image with overlay bar, button

Video Hero Banners

Autoplay Video Hero Banner

autoplay video

Youtube Video Hero Banner

youtube video banner

Basic Layouts

Side Navigation

side navigation

In-Page Navigation

in page navigation



Column Options

columns options screenshot


2 Column Layout with Side Nav

2 column directory with side nav layout

3 Column Layout

three column directory layout

6 Column Layout

six column directory layout screenshot

Table Listing

table listing directory layout screenshot

News Feed

News Feed with Search Bar

news feed with search bar