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View of USU Logan campus from a drone over the Engineering buildings, looking Northeast.

USU, OU Campus & You: A Winning Website Team

Utah State University uses OU Campus, a leader in higher education website content management, to provide website services for colleges, departments, and programs across campus.

We offer two free templates, with configurable navigation, banners, headers, content areas and footers.  Each can be configured, within the USU Branding Guidelines, to meet the needs of any organization. Not only are the templates free to use, but OU Campus is also free to use. This means no monthly hosting fees.

On top of all that, USU OU Campus websites are easy for anyone to update and maintain.  You also have the support of the IT Web Team when questions arise!

Getting Started

If your website isn't in OU Campus already, you begin by choosing the header option that best meets your needs.  You can choose between Big Blue or Whiteout.  (Some restrictions apply.)  Once you've made your choice, or if you're not sure which choice is best for you, contact the IT Web Team.  Once you've talked to the IT Web Team, we will set up your new site and train you in moving or adding content.  

What Can You Do With Your Website?

Once you have your website in OU Campus, you have a variety of options for how to layout your content on the page.  Not sure what your homepage should look like?  Need to add a few columns?  Want an image with a few columns of text?  Need a button?  Want to set up your directory and individual faculty pages?  Want to set up your news feed and add it to your home page?  Interested in adding Google analytics to track visitors to your page?  Need an image or video gallery?  Want to present your data in a table?  Want to present your text in an accordion?  Need help with your top or side navigation?  Not sure if your webpages are accessible?  Answers to these questions and many more can be found here!

You can add many of these layout pieces through snippets, or by copying and pasting the code provided on this website.  We've even made it simple by providing Copy Source Code buttons.

At every step along the way you have the support of the IT Web Team.  You can email or call (435) 797-8551 with your specific questions.  You are not alone in presenting your message to website visitors.  The IT Web Team is here to help!

OU Campus Training & Resources

Web Conference Follow-up

Presentation recordings and helpful resources from the 2018 USU Web Conference are available at the conference website. Plan now to attend the next year's USU Web Conference on May 23, 2019.

Tooltips and Quality Control Messages

To help improve accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO) across OU Campus websites, new tooltips and quality control messages are now in use across OU Campus webpages. You can learn more about these tools at our tooltips and quality control message information page.

OU Campus Fall Foundations Training

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 from 10:00-11:30 am (LIB 002)

New to OU Campus? Need a refresher on the basics of OU Campus? Register for our foundational training and get ready to hit the ground running as we start Fall Semester. No experience needed!

Using OU Campus Snippets & Copy Source Code Training

Thursday, September 6, 2018 from 10:00-11:00 am (LIB 002)

Want to make some changes to your OU Campus webpages simply and easily? Register to learn more about using OU Campus snippets and the copy source code buttons on the IT Web Team website with this hands-on training.

More Training Opportunities

Opt-in to OU Campus Users Email Group

To facilitate communication with OU Campus users, USU personnel with website responsibilities are invited to join the OU Campus Users email group. The email group list will be used sparingly to share:

  1. Training opportunities
  2. Updates and improvements to OU Campus at USU
  3. News impacting OU Campus use at USU

To join, send an empty email to Sympa ( If you send the email directly from your email account, rather than clicking on the link here, be sure to add the following as the subject line: sub ou-campus-users.

First Annual Website Review Complete

The IT Web Team completed the first annual review of USU websites inside OU Campus in summer 2018. College webmasters and/or website content managers have been emailed about the results of their particular website(s).  The next step, which will begin in early 2019, is for specific website content managers to conduct their own review of their website pages to update and/or remove outdated content and ensure an accessible and usable experience for all website visitors.  This process should occur annually. You can learn more about the purpose of the reviews, and the areas being reviewed.